Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rethinking Work In The Age Of Technological Innovation

Work ? That's a word we are frequently exposed to as we grow up and begin to interact with the outside world. But let's not get too familiar with that terminology ''WORK''.  So what's work and how can we measure it's true value ?
 Work is any activity that engages the human mind to use it's brain power to apply to the existing resources in creation of a desired future. Work all begins with a desired future. A clear and precise picture of the future one wants to create and live in.Work is about the future not the present. Human civilization has evolved with the invention of breakthrough technologies such as computing, electricity, machine intelligence, wireless communication, etc. Man has been able to create tools , tools that would have never been imagined in times past. So, how  does this relate to technology, well, technology is the skill to create  and use devices and tools to accomplish a task.
     Technology and work are closely related, Every work demands and requires a skill, one applies his present skills to tools and devices to either create more tools or to carny out a certain task. The success of the work is proportional to the tools used and skill applied. Why take time to explain all these, Because one must understand foundation ideologies, looking from the present through the lens of the past to course a path to the future. In my next post, I will explain how it all relates to our present world.

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