Monday, October 5, 2015

Science As The Engine For Economic Productivity

       Productivity is a word and a reality that all humans seek to experience. Productivity is the ability to  create and make available useful goods and services by the combination of skill, knowledge and experience. To be productive one must be able to combine existing resources with new knowledge and discovery. There can be no productivity without knowledge. So where does Science and Technology come to mind ?
Science is not the only body of knowledge you can argue. You're right, But one thing, All the materials we use in the production of valuable goods and services are governed and operate by the laws of nature. There is usually a correlation between productivity and scientific discovery. Back in the agrarian age, Crude oil in a man's farm was seen as a curse from the 'gods' and a nuisance to society, It was until the knowledge of Chemistry helped man acquire the power in the molecular structure of the carbon atoms as a potential use of oil for fuel. Today, the once rejected product has become the backbone of a petrodollar economy. Innovation which enhances productivity comes by finding ways to make materials more useful and beneficial to society. I don't think that there's nothing that is useless. Rather we are limited by our ability to really understand Nature's secrets.
        Resources or the lack of it are not what guarantees economic well being of any nation but rather the technical capacity to make use of existing resources. It's about USAGE not availability. How do we make things more useful ? How do we achieve more by doing less ? How do we turn Nature's abundant resources into finished products to service and meet our needs ? One cannot have an answer if one does not have an understanding of his product. Science gives us the knowledge we need and technology grants us the skill to make use of that knowledge on our available products. Let's take Israel for example, Israel is an arid land in the middle of a dessert, surrounded by enemies and border disputes but yet is more productive than most of it's neighbors sitting on an oil field mine. How ? A well developed and strategic plan to increase technological capacity. The Nation has earned a reputation for StartUp Nation. With technology and the right mindset coupled with great entrepreneurial skills, any Nation can lift herself out of the poverty line. The decision is ours to make, Do we keep fighting over resources or we begin attention to our technological capacity ?

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